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Torula is an independent, contemporary exhibition space and studio in the centre of Győr's Gyárváros.

Our aim is to support young artists from the region as a key institution in the Vienna – Bratislava – Budapest axis, thus promoting creative and performing arts projects and productions. Our exhibition space, studio space and residency programme provide a platform and opportunities for emerging artists to flourish.

We host temporary exhibitions, artist camps, workshops, conferences, and creative community events. Thanks to our industrial scale, there are no constraints: from fine art to ballet to sound installations, a wide range of concepts can be realised within our walls.

Torula opened its doors in 2017, run by Concilium Arts Foundations and supported by Győri Szeszgyár és Finomító Zrt. Since the opening, our main goal has been to support young artists from Győr and the region and thus to promote the creation of creative and performing art works and productions. Torula serves not only the realisation of artistic and creative processes, but also their fulfilment of their purpose, which goes beyond enjoyment.