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The intertwining of manufacturing and fine art in Győr is a long-standing phenomenon: in the early 1900s, Egon Schiele maintained his own studio in the present-day Győr Distillery and Refinery Ltd. for many years, thanks to his close friendship with the founders. Although this studio did not survive the bombing of the Second World War, the company created a new cultural space on the factory premises a century later.

The building originally served as the country's first industrial-scale torula yeast factory, where feed yeast production continued until the early 1990s. The industrial plant was dismantled and has been awaiting revitalisation since 1998. In 2016, the owners set up the Concilium Arts Foundation and donated part of the building to the foundation free of charge, thus creating Torula. The main sponsor of our institution since then has been Győri Szeszgyár és Finomító Zrt.



Our aim is to represent this heritage and act as the lifeblood of the region's cultural scene, providing a constant opportunity for creators and visitors to meet. As an independent institution, we host fresh, progressive exhibitions and run a residency programme that will soon be extended internationally.


As well as supporting the region's young artists, we also believe it's important that the community members who make the space vibrant and active also feel at home in Torula. That is why, in addition to art exhibitions, we host a wide range of community events and activities. As part of our community development activities, we are also constantly expanding our volunteer base.

Our building is home to

  • 8 individual studios,
  • one community studio,
  • an exhibition space of nearly 400 m2 with a ceiling height of 6 metres, and
  • a 40 m² community space.
Torula was founded in 1884 by the Győr Distillery and Refinery Ltd., which has a long industrial history, and was brought to life in 2017 through the Concilium Arts Foundation.

Austrian industrial magnate August Lederer, who became majority owner in 1895, was an industrialist and a strong supporter of Viennese Art Nouveau artists, most notably Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

Our patron:

Concilium Arts Alapítvány

TAX number: 18742284-1-08

Registration number: 08-01-0051367


Rechnitzer Zsófia, artistic director,

Szombathelyi Sára, director,

Solymár Fanni, international projects,

Dalma Sury, event manager


+36 20 479 8485

9027, Győr, Budai út 7.

Opening hours:

During the exhibitions: as specified in the exhibition description.

Outside exhibition periods: by individual appointment.