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„As I collect them, I think about the images, the compositions and pairings of these different motifs, how they can relate to each other, how they both shape and reshape different meanings. But the process of painting is fluid and not entirely predictable - things you didn't expect can suddenly change. I'm primarily playing. Sometimes I just create opposites. I focus only on the composition and the interpretation is a matter for the viewer. If I paint a photorealistic close-up of a person, a smaller scene as a geometric abstract composition, and one other in the background, where there is perhaps a comic figure, I am saying to the observer "go out on the street and look around". You'll find strange clothes, interesting faces, situations and momentary coincidences. I like simple, banal themes because reality is filled with them.” Gábor Pintér

SECOND DAY IN PARADISE (GOLD, GIRLS, GUNS AND PROXIMA B), Gábor Pintér's solo show at Torula, introduces the visitor to Pintér's exciting painterly thinking with a selection of works from the past years.

CURATOR: Péter Bencze


PREVIEW: 5th of April 2024, 6pm


The exhibition will be on view from 5 April till 11 May 2024.

Opening hours: Thursdays and Fridays from 3 PM to 6PM,

or by appointment at


The exhibition has been realised in collaboration with Longtermhandstand.

A kiállítás támogatója a Nemzeti Kulturális Alap és az Osztrák Kulturális Fórum.